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At Lucid Wellness Center, we are pioneering a mental health revolution.

Welcome to Lucid Wellness Center in Los Angeles, CA, where we know that not everyone responds to talk therapy, conventional medications, and other traditional approaches. At Lucid, you have other options.

Our state of the art facility specializes in the latest evidence-based approaches to mental health treatment. We believe that compassionate, research-backed treatment should not be afraid of innovation. We hold ourselves to the highest possible clinical standards while using the latest trailblazing techniques in mental health care. At Lucid, we are pioneers in new innovative techniques such as TMS therapy, so that clients can regain their hope and get the relief they’ve long sought.

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Lucid is where your journey ends – and begins.

Lucid began in 2022 when we recognized that the field of mental health care was in a rut. Our team has worked in the field of mental health and addiction recovery for years and we saw far too many patients fall through the cracks.

People with cases of depression, anxiety, or trauma that don’t respond to traditional treatment approaches need other options. Lucid Wellness Center was founded with one goal: to provide treatment-resistant patients with innovative, research-backed, and accessible alternative options for effective mental health care.

After Lucid opened its doors, the results were immediate and profound. Patients who had struggled for years with mental health problems suddenly found themselves liberated and rediscovering the joy. Our cutting-edge treatments and psychiatric care helped these patients in ways that rote one-size-fits-all treatments never could. Many of these patients had searched in vain for years for a recovery approach that would work for them. At Lucid, they could finally rest assured that they’d found it.

We believe that Lucid is where the search for effective treatment ends. But our staff is firmly committed to the idea that high-quality mental health care is a lifelong journey. The breakthroughs that clients experience at our treatment center are only just the beginning. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to set clients on a path toward lifelong transformation and growth.

Recovery should do more than just address symptoms.

At Lucid, our clinical treatment staff members work hard to design treatment plans that empower patients to help themselves. We believe that giving clients the tools they need for lifelong success is far more important than simply providing immediate short-term relief. Our state of the art evidence-based treatment modalities and compassionate clinical care set up patients for lifelong success and profound personal growth.

When clients come to Lucid, our intake team works with them to determine their unique personal goals, understand their case history, and design treatment plans that are individualized, evidence-based, and holistic. The treatment approach is never-one-size-fits-all. After all, every person who walks through our doors has a unique history and totally different needs. Even when two people have the same mental health disorder diagnosis, we aim to treat the individual person – not just their disorder.

While some treatment approaches involve simply reducing the intensity of mental health disorder symptoms, our approach at Lucid takes additional steps. We understand that recovery is not complete until the underlying causes of symptoms have been addressed. At Lucid, we are committed to the idea of profound inner transformation. Enhancing wellbeing and changing a clients’ perspectives on themselves and their lives is guaranteed to reduce the severity of symptoms – but it does far more than that: it gives clients a new lease on life.

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Ready for an alternative to medication?

If you are tired of conventional treatment approaches that don’t work for you, reach out to Lucid Treatment Center today. During your free and confidential consultation, you will have the opportunity to communicate your needs, ask questions about our services, and develop a plan that works for you. Contact us today for more information.

About Eric Chaghouri, MD

Our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Eric Chaghouri, graduated in 2007 from the University of California, Los Angeles. He graduated with a B.A. in biology with Summa Cumm Laude honors, going on to earn his medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine four years later in 2011. Dr. Chaghouri did his internship training at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and went on to complete his residency in general adult psychiatry at the Los Angeles county and University of Southern California Medical Center. During his fourth year of residency, he became the Resident Clinical Instructor and Volunteer Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the prestigious Keck School of Medicine.

Dr. Chaghouri’s early work after finishing his residency involves forensic psychiatry. Working as a fellow at the USC Institute of Psychiatry and Law, Dr. Chaghouri pioneered scholarly research, which he published in Legal digest and presented at the annual conferences at the Keck School of Medicine.

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After completing his fellowship, Dr. Chaghouri established a practice in Century City and West Hollywood, California. His thriving and successful practice allowed him to gain experience in the treatment of co-occurring addictive and psychiatric disorders. His practice requires him to work in a range of capacities with courts, attorneys, and other individuals involved in actual or potential litigation. For this reason, Dr. Chaghouri is highly sought after as a consultant on psychiatric issues for major television networks and other institutions.

Dr. Chaghouri is experienced with and passionate about state of the art approaches for treatment-resistant mental health disorders, including TMS therapy and ketamine therapy, While practicing medication management, Dr. Chaghouri takes into account a patient’s unique needs and helps them participate in the development of their own evidence-based treatment plan. Dr. Chaghouri is also passionately interested in forensic psychiatry, medical ethics, addiction medicine, substance use disorders, gender wellness, psychological autopsy, and evidence-based treatment of psychiatric conditions.

Don't settle for medication only treatment options.

TMS therapy can help treat depression and other mental health conditions. Call our Los Angeles clinic today for same day and next day appointments.

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